About The Engine Shed

The group was initially set up in 2009 with an UnLtd Award. The key aims of the group are:

  • To provide a unique special interest facility for children and young people on the autistic spectrum and their families;
  • To provide an opportunity for families to share and learn new strategies for promoting the learning and social skills of our children, using their love of trains as an entry point;
  • To create a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which all children, siblings, parents and other family members can feel comfortable and relaxed;
  • To involve brothers and sisters in the often solitary activities of their siblings on the autistic spectrum;
  • To provide opportunities for brothers and sisters with ASD siblings to share experiences.

Everybody is welcome. If you think your child would enjoy the sessions, please come along.
There is no charge for attendance.

What people say about The Engine Shed:

‘This is the only place where I can take Michael that he is genuinely relaxed
and where he is happy to just be himself’.

‘It is great to have the chance to sit and chat – the children are so happy
and they can’t ‘escape!’. It is very relaxing for all of us’.

‘Ryan loves taking over the controls and the patience and understanding
of the railway volunteers is fantastic. Thank you very much.’

‘I am not allowed to miss a session, which is fine because I love
coming too – I think we have missed one session in two and a half years!’

‘The railway layouts are fantastic – we would never have the space at
home and it is great that the children are genuinely encouraged to take
over the controls. It doesn’t matter if they crash which is a great relief’.